Is it possible to terminate my dui probation in California?

Question: Hi, I was convicted of a DUI in Santa Clarita Court 2 years ago and placed on probation for a total of 3 years.  I was recently offered a job but the employer is saying that I can not be on probation and need to clean of my criminal before they hire me.  So my questions are, Is it possible to end my dui probation in California early?  Also, what does they mean by “cleaning up my criminal record”?  I don’t suppose I can turn back time and make it like this whole mess never happened….

Answer: Hi, To answer you questions:

1.  Yes, it is possible to get DUI probation terminated early.  This is done through a motion and process with the court called “Motion To Terminate Probation.”  It is discretionary by the Judge and the Prosecutor usually argues against a Judge granting it, but I have been successful in getting these motions granted in situations like yours.

2.  I can not speak for your employer, but often times when they inform someone they need to clean up their criminal record they are referring to a PC 1203.4 dismissal (ie. expungement) or a certificate of rehabilitation (for certain felonies and sex crimes).  Once Probation is terminated, we could then petition the Court to withdraw and dismiss your conviction “Expunged” (ie. dismissed per PC 1203.4).

I can help you with this process. Call me at (818) 336-1384 to discuss further.  Also click here for more information on terminating probation early and expungements.

Phil Hache
DUI & Criminal Defense Attorney