Is it possible to get jail time for a DUI? My case is in San Fernando Court.

Question: Is it possible that I will get jail time for a DUI? My case is in San Fernando Court.  My friend was convicted of a DUI there not to long ago and she was sentenced to jail.  If I do get sentenced to jail will they take me in right away for it or will I get to prepare for it and put it off a little while?

Answer: Yes, it is possible to get jail time for a DUI, but I have been very successful in avoiding this, and even getting DUI charges in San Fernando Court reduced or dismissed in some cases. Is this a first offense DUI? or have you had other DUI’s in the past 10 years?  Was there an accident involved?  If so, was anyone injured?

In the event there is jail as part of your sentence if you are convicted, in most cases the Court will set a surrender date for a future date, usually anywhere between 1-4 weeks later.  That being said, it may be possible to get your case dismissed and /or charges reduced.  And even if convicted of a DUI, the terms of sentencing can get negotiated to more favorable terms.

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Phil Hache
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