If I get my DUI expunged do I have a legally clean driving record?

Question: If I get my DUI expunged, do I have a legally clean driving record so my insurance will go down?  My insurance rates went up considerably after my DUI conviction and I am looking to get that lowered.  Also, I drive for my employer and they are not happy about the increased rates.  

Answer: Although getting your DUI expunged has benefits, I do not believe that your driving record getting cleansed is one of them. Thus, if your insurance rates increased due to a DUI conviction, they would not go back down just because the conviction was expunged. Your driving record and your criminal record are two different things.  Some of the benefits of getting it done can include: 

  • Increase in job and employment opportunities
  • Potential benefits when applying for or dealing with California State licensure applications
  • Potential benefits for California State licensure board hearings
  • Benefits when traveling to other Countries that have stricter boarder control
  • Remove your stigma of having this conviction on your record
  • Possible immigration benefits

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Phil Hache,

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