Question: If had a DUI in 1995 in San Fernando, CA. Then got another DUI in Van Nuys, CA in 2003, I was arrested then court ordered to take an AB541 but now they are saying I have to do a 6 month program because Courts changed jurisdiction?

Answer: I am also a little confused by the jurisdiction issue here. Can you clarify? Are you stating that initially your case was in one county, then they transferred it to another county? Or was it transferred to another court within the same county? Either way, it seems odd that a court would transfer your case to another court after you were convicted. Also, an AB 541 class is a 3 month, or in some counties, stretched over 4 months, but I am not aware of an AB 541 course that is 6 months long. Although it may have been different in 2003, now the 6 month class is called the AB 768.

Either way, you may want to hire an attorney at this point to attempt to get the initial court to sign off on the order, or in the alternative, go up the ladder with the DMV chain of command to see if they will take the current court order you have can be acceptable. Good luck.

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