I was supposed to enroll in my DUI class by 9/1/10 but have not yet, is this an issue?

Question: I was supposed to enroll in my DUI class by 9/1/10 but have not yet, is this an issue?  My case is Van Nuys Court and I know the Judge told me the dates, but it slipped my mind.  When I called the program they said that my paperwork was too old so they would not sign me up.  Now I am concerned that I really messed up by not paying attention to this

Answer: Well, from your question, it appears that you are in violation of the Court order since you did not enroll in the class in time. Technically this is considered a probation violation issue as a term of your probation was (or usually is) to enroll in the Court ordered alcohol program within 21 days of your sentencing.  Courts can be fickle about that.  One of the issues with probation violations is the court can sentence you to additional penalties on top of what you were originally sentenced to based on the conviction itself.  This can include being sentenced to additional jail time.

The goal will be to avoid andditional consequences  and get your probation back on track. Call me at (818) 336-1384, as I can likely help you in that matter.  I have handled these situations for clients in the past in Van Nuys (and other) Courts, avoiding additional penalties.

Phil Hache

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