Question: I was convicted of a DUI in Pasadena…

Question: I was convicted of a DUI in Pasadena, and I just got a letter from the DMV about an Interlock Device? Do I have to get this? My attorney (who I thought was a DUI attorney, but later found out he wasn’t…didn’t mention this to me). What’s up??? What happens if I don’t get it?

Answer: Unfortunately, if you were convicted of a DUI, then you do need to get an Interlock device (IID). If it was a 1st DUI conviction, then you need to have it installed on all your cars for 5 months. Also, it was probably made a term of your probation (complying with the DMV on IID). So if you don’t get it, you would likely be in violation of your probation (not a good thing). Also, you will not be able to get your full drivers license back until you comply with the IID restriction. There is more about the mandatory IID requirement on my website. Go to the “DUI info” tab and scroll down. Or click on this link and scroll down:

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