Underage Open container in a vehicle 23224 VC in San Fernando Court.

Question:  I was charged with a misdemeanor for underage Open container in a vehicle 23224 VC in San Fernando Court.  What is the possible penalty

Answer: Vehicle Code 23224, minor with open container in vehicle, carries a penalty including up to $1,000 fine (plus penalty assessments), up to 6 months in jail, and since under 21, a suspension of drivers license for 1 year. This is not specific to San Fernando Court, as it is a state wide statute.

An experienced criminal defense attorney in these matters can possibly get this charge dismissed or work out a good deal with the prosecutor and court. I regularly handle cases in San Fernando Court and have gotten good results there.

I have also been able to assist under 21 year old clients who had their license suspended for a year based on an alcohol related conviction (such as this) get a critical needs license to allow them to drive to and from work, school, doctors, etc.

Feel free to contact me at (818) 336-1384 if you would like to discuss your situation in more detail.  Some questions that I would like to know about are, why were you pulled over to begin with?  Were you the driver of the vehicle?  Once I have more information about your case I will be able to assess it with more specific answers.


Philip Hache
DUI & Criminal Defense Attorney