Question: I received a San Fernando DUI, in San Fernando Court. It was a 1st DUI. The DMV is telling me I have to get an (IID) Interlock device. Is this true? If I hire you, can you get me out of the Interlock device?

Answer: If you received a DUI conviction in San Fernando Court (Los Angeles County), even if it is a 1st DUI, the DMV imposes a 5 month interlock device. Often the court will make that a term of your probation. ie. Comply with the DMV regarding installing an Interlock device. So if it is a term of your probation, then you need to do it for the Court. Also, if you want to get your license back, you need to get the Interlock device. Short of withdrawing your guilty plea, there is nothing I can do to help with the Interlock device requirement from the DMV. I hope that helps clarify the situation for you.


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