Question: I heard they’re going to be putting DUI checkpoints in across L.A . What rights do I have if they pull me over or start asking me questions? Can I find out if there are any in Encino or sherman oaks area?

Answer: Well, if you know where they are, I would recommend avoiding them if at all possible. Your rights if you are stopped at a DUI checkpoint are the same as if you are pulled over in any other situation. You have the right to remain silent, you do not have to do field sobriety tests or take a preliminary alcohol screening test (unless you are on probation), but if you get arrested, there are potential enhancements if you do not do a breath test at the station or blood test. DUI checkpoints are supposed to be publicized, but rarely does the general public find out about them in my experience. This is one of the factors to challenge if you are arrested at a DUI checkpoint.


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