Question: I have a DUI charge in Van Nuys. Where do I go for the hearing exactly?

Answer: The address of where you need to go should be on the citation that initially received. Van Nuys Court is on Van Nuys Blvd. between Oxnard and Sherman Way. Most DUI’s are handled in Dept. 103 for the arraignments (ie. first court date). If you are not hiring a private attorney to handle the case, you should get to the court building early as that court has a long line to get in, and plan on staying at the court all day for each hearing (although it is possible that they call your case earlier and you won’t have to hang around all day each day). If you hire a privately retained DUI attorney (such as myself) then the DUI attorney can go to court on your behalf without you being there. Call me at 818-336-1DUI if you would like to discuss in more detail.
Phil Hache,
Criminal Defense & DUI Attorney
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