Question: I have a 1st offense DUI in Pasadena Court. I heard that I have to get an Interlock device…is that true?

Answer: If there is a 23152 DUI conviction in Los Angeles County (which includes Pasadena Court), then generally speaking, yes, you will be required to get an interlock device for 5 months for a first offense DUI. There is an exemption to this if you do not own any automobiles, or have access to any automobiles at your residence (amongst other requirements), then it is possible to be exempt from this. Also, keep in mind that you would not be able to drive ANY vehicles that are not equipped with an Interlock device during the time of your Interlock device restriction. There is a possible exemption to that for a car required to be driven for your course of employment, where the employer is made aware of your IID restriction. This is a bit confusing, I know. Feel free to call me to discuss in more detail.


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