DUI while driving with a suspended license

DUI while driving with a suspended license

Question: I got my first DUI while driving with a suspended license. I was driving on the freeway and I was pulled over for speeding.  The officer then asked to see my license after approaching my car, but I did not have it on me because it was suspended for not paying traffic tickets, so after it expired I never got a new license.  The cop then had me do tests outside my car because he said I smelled like alcohol.  Then arrested me.

Will the fact that my drivers license was suspended effect my sentencing?

Answer: If you are convicted of driving under the influence and driving  with a suspended license, most likely, it will. Along with having the DUI charges, they will also probably bring VC 14601 charges…driving with a suspended license, which is also a serious charge.

It may be possible to have one or both charges dismissed or reduced to lesser offenses.  How many tickets do you have that are  causing your drivers license to be suspended?  Also, in regards to those tickets, did you ever set a court date for them?  If so and you went, did you enter a guilty or no contest plea, or did you go to trial and lose?

You should speak with a DUI attorney about your case.  I have been successful in defending my clients cases against DUI and 14601 driving on a suspended license charges.  Including very recently where I had a client with two separate 14601 driving on suspended license charges in different courts (LAX Airport court, and Torrance court).  I was able to get both of the misdemeanor charges dismissed and reduced to infractions (no jail, no probation, just a small fine).

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Phil Hache
DUI and Criminal Defense Attorney