Question: How much will my drunk driving charge in Van Nuys court cost me?

Answer: Generally speaking, the fine for a first offense DUI can be anywhere between $390-$1,000 + penalty assessments. Penalty assessments are the court fees, etc. that get tacked onto the fine, which can increase the fine from almost 5 times of the actual fine amount. Also, you would have to pay additional fees for alcohol school, and other potential costs for community service, etc. I do recommend talking to an attorney about your case. I have been successful in mitigating consequences, getting charges reduced and dismissed throughout Los Angeles County, and in Van Nuys Court. An attorney may be able to save you money and hardship in the long run. A lot of attorneys including myself will give a free initial consultation to discuss your case in further detail so you can then decide if you want to hire or not. Whatever you decide, best of luck with your case.


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