How much for a 2nd DUI in Van Nuys?

Question:  How much for a DUI Attorney for a 2nd DUI in Van Nuys?  1st DUI (12 years ago) was also in Van Nuys, CA.

Also, I have read that the penalties for a 2nd DUI are much worse than for a 1st DUI, including the driver license loss.  If I end up losing the 2nd DUI, how long of a license suspension will it be?  Also, is there some kind of probation issue to since it is a 2nd DUI and the 1st DUI was also in Van Nuys Court?

Answer:  Are you asking how much I charge for a 2nd DUI?  If so, call me to discuss so I can find out more information about your case.  I am fair and sincere, and a very good DUI defense attorney.  My rates reflect those traits as well.

To answer some of your other questions, yes, the penalty for a 2nd DUI can be much worse than a first DUI.  Mandatory jail time, increased fines, much longer alcohol program, and a 2 year license suspension as opposed to a 6 month suspension which is more common on a 1st DUI.

That is the bad news.  The good news is since your 1st DUI was 12 years ago, the 2nd DUI should only be charged as a first offense DUI.  Also, if you completed all the requirements that you were supposed to for the first DUI, then the probation period should have ended by this point and there would be no probation issue.  On the other hand, if you failed to complete a portion of the Court ordered probation, then the Court likely violated your probation and potentially issued a bench warrant for your arrest.

If that is the case then it could complicate matters for you.  If you did everything the court required for your first DUI in a timely fashion, then you do not need to worry about any probation violation issues or warrant recall matters.

That being said, many variables in DUI cases.  It may be possible to get your current DUI reduced to a lesser offense or completely dismissed.  It is impossible to give a  specific assessment without more information about your case, including why you were pulled over, for starters.

Call me at 818-336-1DUI and we can set up a meeting or discuss your case in more detail over the phone and discuss a potential fee at that time.

Phil Hache,

Criminal Defense & DUI Attorney Van Nuys

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