Question: How do I know if charges were filed against me after being stopped by police in Encino for DUI? Do I need an Encino DUI Attorney to look into it? He told me he stopped me for dui investigation, went back to his motorcycle for 15 minutes..and that was it.

Answer: Well first, you don’t necessarily need an “Encino DUI Lawyer” to look into it. Any DUI attorney licensed in California can do so, although I would recommend a local DUI attorney (such as myself, office in Sherman Oaks). Where was the cop the whole time? Sitting behind you on your motorcycle? If so, did you ask him if you were free to leave, or just take off? That is odd that he would just sit there and not approach the car for 15 minutes. He may have been running the plates and waiting for backup for some reason, but…15 minutes without approaching the car is certainly odd. You may want to contact the criminal clerk in the Court near your incident from time to time to see if any charges were filed. I would recommend hiring an attorney on a pre-filing basis to discuss your matter further and perhaps do some of the researching for you.
Phil Hache,
Criminal Defense & DUI Attorney
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