Question: How do I handle a DUI in another state?

How do I handle a DUI in another state?

by Phil Hache

Question: How do I handle a DUI in another state?  I live in Los Angeles, CA, but got a DUI in Las Vegas last weekend.  Is it possible to have the case transferred to a court in Los Angeles, CA?  If not, will I have to go to Vegas for each court date?  Are the DUI laws in Las Vegas the same as they are in Los Angeles?

Answer:  The first thing that you should do is reach out to anattorney that is licensed to practice in the state you received the DUI, in this case Nevada.  Preferably one that specializes in DUI law in the Las Vegas area.  Local attorneys in your area of residence can often assist you in finding a DUI attorney in other states. I would not charge you for assisting in finding an DUI attorney in Las Vegas.

To answer your other questions, no you can not have your DUI case transferred to Los Angeles, CA.  The case will stay in the county that you were arrested in even if you live in a different county or state.

In California, if you are arrested for a misdemeanor, in most cases a privately retained attorney can appear in Court without the defendant needing to be present.  I believe that is the same in Las Vegas, NV, but it would be best to discuss this with a DUI attorney out there to be certain.

Also, regarding the DUI laws, they are similar to the DUI laws in California, but again, best to speak to a DUI attorney in Los Angeles.  I am happy to refer you to a qualified DUI attorney in Las Vegas, NV if you would like.  Call me at (818) 336-1384 to discuss your case in more detail.


Phil Hache
DUI and Criminal Defense Attorney, Los Angeles and surrounding counties