Question: How do I get a restricted license for an infraction over .01 BAC? And should I fight my case in San Fernando Court?

To receive a restricted license (actually called a “critical needs license” if under 21 years of age), you generally have to show that you need it for work/school, and that public transportation is not a viable option. Additionally, if you work, submit declaration(s) about how your income helps pay rent, bills, etc. at your residence. There really is a lot more to it. Call me at 818-336-1384 to go over in more detail if you would like, or see for more details. In regards to your case, it is possible to go to trial, and if you get an acquittal of the charge, you can get the DMV suspension reversed. That may be your best option here. Feel free to contact me to discuss your case in more detail, or about the “critical needs” license (or both).


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