Do you handle DUI 23152 charges in Burbank Court?

Question:  Do you handle DUI 23152 charges in Burbank Court?  I was arrested for a DUI a few days ago and I think it is a misdemeanor, but I am not sure.  The paper I was given says VC 23152a and then to the right of it there is a “m” thIat is circled.  Does the m stand for misdemeanor?  Is it possible that the DUI is a felony?

I have done a little research on the internet, but I am finding everything to be very confusing, except that I know that the penalties can be serious.  Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.  I know something has to be done with the DMV too.

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Answer: Yes, I handle DUI VC 23152 cases across southern California, including Burbank Court, as well as Pasadena, Glendale, Van Nuys, San Fernando, Santa Clarita…etc.

From what you described, it sounds like you are being charged with a DUI as a misdemeanor.  The majority of DUI charges are misdemeanors.  It is possible that DUI’s can be charged as felonies.  That is the case if someone has 3 prior DUI or wet reckless convictions and the arrests took place in the previous 10 years to the new DUI arrest charge.  Another instance when a DUI can rise to a felony is if there is an accident with injury that took place at the same time that the DUI arrest took place (based on the same incident).

Also, you are correct about the DMV.  There is only a 10 day window from the date of the arrest to request a DMV hearing to contest the DMV from suspending your drivers license based on the DUI arrest.  I can  handle requesting the DMV hearing, as well as the hearing(s) associated with it to defend your drivers license, as well as the criminal court case.

I would be happy to speak to you about your case in more detail. Feel free to call me at (818) 336-1384 to discuss your situation in more detail.  We can also set up a meeting at my office if you would like.  The initial consultation is free.


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