Question: Can I file a restraining order against someone who has not touched me?

Getting Restraining Orders Granted

Answer: In short, yes, you may still file a restraining order. A touching is not necessary to get a restraining order granted.  For example, a restraining order can get granted if someone is harassing or threatening you.

There are several different types of categories.  The correct type to file depends on your situation, and largely on your relationship to the other person involved.  Two common types of Restraining orders are “Domestic Violence Restraining Orders” and “Civil Harassment Restraining Orders.”

First, a temporary restraining order, then there would be additional Court dates to determine whether the court would grant a longer restraining order.

For more information on restraining orders, go to:  Restraining Order information.

I have been very successful in both getting restraining orders granted for clients that are Petitioners (ie. trying to get a restraining order granted against someone else) as well as in defending and winning restraining order hearings for Respondents (those trying to stop a restraining order from getting granted against them).

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Philip Hache, Attorney