Can a breathalyzer be off by .01 in a California DUI?

Question: Can a breathalyzer be off by .01 in a California DUI?

Answer: Yes. It is possible for a Breathalizer to be off by .01 or more. That is part of the defense to DUI’s, and one of the many ways that I can get DUI charges dismissed and reduced.

That being said, I would need some clarification of your question.  Are you wondering if a .08 breath test could be wrong and your BAC level .07 (or lower)?  The answer to that is yes.

If your question is, can two breath tests have a .01 difference  (ie.  .11 and a .12) be admitted into evidence?  If so, although there are many ways to challenge a breath test result and it’s lack of accuracy, a .01 difference between two results in and of itself will not keep that evidence out as title 17 of the California code of regulations allows for a .02 variance between the results.  That being said, when the BAC results differ by more than a .02, then there is not title 17 compiance which can lead to that and other issues to support the results are unreliable and possibly keep them out of evidence.

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Regards, Philip Hache, DUI Defense Attorney