Question: Are there a lot of Van Nuys DUI Attorneys? How do I know which one to go with?

Answer: Well, I am not sure how many DUI attorneys there are in Van Nuys. As for which one you should choose, you should certainly speak to them. I set up my practice so that I handle my cases personally as opposed to contracting the case out to someone else. There are firms out there that boast about great results, but the attorney who got those results is not the one who handles your case. Make sure the DUI attorney is willing to go to trial (even if you don’t think you would want to). Make sure they stay active in DUI defense and forensic toxicology. THey should be active in DUI organizations. For instance, I am a member of several DUI groups, such as the California DUI Lawyers Association. As them questions about your case. See how they answer you and get a feel for them as people, as well as an attorney. You want an attorney that is going to keep you informed about what is going on in your case, and answer your calls. I regularly pick up clients who fired their previous attorney because that previous attorney wouldn’t speak with them after they signed the retainer. I would be happy to speak to you about your case and give you a free case evaluation. Whatever you decide, good luck with your case.


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