Probation violation for DUI

Question: Convicted for DUI 8 years ago, and part of the probation terms (AA classes and alcohol school). I was arrested recently, and remanded into custody. The judge sentenced me to 180 days county jail, however let bail stand until the parole violation hearing. Is there anything that can be argued in terms of pushing for a more suitable punishment?
Answer: You stated parole violation hearing. Are you on parole for a different conviction, or on probation (for the 1st offense DUI)? They are two different things. I would need to know more about the situation to better assess it. But, if the judge officially sentenced you already, then the time to make arguments on that has likely come and gone. If the judge just gave an indicated sentence, then arguments/persuading the Judge on that issue can still happen.
Phil Hache
DUI & Criminal Defense Attorney