Possibility of jail time for reckless driving?

Question: I am not admitting guilt, but was pulled over for going 151 in a 65 mph zone in California on my motorcycle. My bike was towed to one of their yards but was not “impounded” and I was not arrested at the time of the incident but I was given a court date and charged with a misdemeanor reckless driving.

I just want to know what are my chances of going to jail if it ends up being a conviction. This is the first time I’ve ever been charged with reckless driving. I have 2 previous speeding tickets but none for reckless driving. I appreciate any info you can give!

Answer: There are many variables that can come into your case to determine the outcome, including the attorney you have defending you.  Was speed the only issue, or did the officer allege you were also weaving in and out of traffic, almost in an accident, almost caused an accident, etc.?  That being said, jail, probation, fines, etc. are potential consequences

What court your case is in can also play a part in the potential outcome.  Call me at 818-336-1384 to discuss your situation in more detail. 


Philip Hache, Attorney