Petty theft with prior in San Fernando

Question: I was arrested a couple months ago in a store for taking things.  I now have a court date coming up as I was arrested for petty theft. What kind of deal should I ask for if I have a petty theft? I have a prior petty theft in San Fernando, CA. My current petty theft case is in Van Nuys.

Answer: That really depends on the situation. For example, what was the value of the item(s) in question? What were the circumstances that led to the detention? How long ago was your petty theft in San Fernando, CA? etc.

I strongly advise you retain a criminal defense attorney who can get better results than just going in and pleading guilty to a petty theft. Particularly with a prior petty theft.  Not only are there potential legal defenses, but other nuances and ways that can lead to getting the case dismissed by way of filing motions with the court, etc.  (ie.  Diversion).

A petty theft is considered a crime of moral turpitude which can have long lasting effects aside from the initial penalty you receive from the court.  This includes a potential: negative impact in future employment, professional license issues, immigration issues if not a U.S. Citizen, etc.

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Phil Hache
Criminal & DUI Defense Attorney