Penalty for driving without a license, VC 12500

Penalty for driving without a license, VC 12500

Question:  Will I go to jail for driving without a license, VC 12500 violation in Los Angeles?  I saw online that it is a misdmeanor and that I can get up to 6 months in jail.  I just started a new job.  My drivers license expired and I was busy and kept on putting off getting it renewed, but I am NOT a criminal and don’t want to be in jail with people who have committed serious crimes.

My record is clean and I have zero convictions on my record.  Never even had a traffic ticket prior to this!  Looking forward to your quick response please as I am losing sleep over this and very frustrated with myself for not taking care of this sooner.

Answer: I have been not only successful in keeping people out of jail for VC 12500 charges, but I have a strong track record of getting the misdemeanor VC 12500 dismissed completely!  I know this is a stressful situation for you, but I can help.  Not only is it desireable to stay out of jail on a misdemeanor charge, in cases like this, it is advisable to try to avoid a misdemeanor conviction all together.

What court is your court date in?  Is it Metropolitan Court downtown?  Also, what was the reason you were approached by the officer to begin with?  Were you pulled over or were  you involved in a car accident?  There is more information about driving without a license penalties here:  Driving without a license.  Call me at 818-336-1384 to discuss further.

Phil Hache,

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