New Reality TV show about DUI’s

According to a recent article from Reuters, The Learning Channel (TLC) will soon be airing a new series called “D.U.I.” As its title suggests, the show will follow DUI Drivers during and after their arrests.
Sources indicate that the show’s cameras will follow police as they chase down drunk drivers on Oklahoma highways.
Once the officers spot a potential drunk driver, the cameras will continue to follow the action “as viewers ride along through the process of interrogation, searches, lockup and the attempt to post bail,” according to the show’s producers.
The show intends to portray the “harsh reality” of a DUI arrest, as viewers will be able to watch offenders handle the typical procedure following a DUI, including the sentencing, any fines or jail time, and the potential damage to personal relationships.
The show, essentially, will be a DUI-related version of the popular series “Cops,” which has entertained home viewers showing footage of police dealing with criminal suspects.