Marijuana DUI for 18 year old

Marijuana DUI for 18 year old

Question:  I am 18 and got a Marijuana DUI . This my first dui. What can happen to me?  There was no alcohol at all in my system.  I did a breath test when I was pulled over and the results were 0.00.  The officer said he smelled marijuana in the car though and said he was arresting me and  having me do a blood test, which I did.  I read that I am supposed to have a choice between a breath and a blood test, is that right?

I don’t think that he really could have smelled marijuana in my car though.  But I am nervous about this whole situation.  I already spent the night in jail…shouldn’t that be enough of a penalty?   I have a job and I go to college and don’t want a DUI on my record.

If you get your license suspended. How do I get it to go college and work. Also the arresting officer took pictures of my paraphernalia that he found in the car, but did not take the items away from  me. I also had a 15 year old in the car. The paper work they sent me on says dui charge for marijuana.

How much does it cost to get any attorney for a dui marijuana case?

Answer:  If you are convicted of a DUI, there could be a lot of penalties and long lasting consequences, including expensive fines, probation, alcohol program (even though this is a marijuana DUI and has nothing to do with alcohol, driver license suspension, community service or community labor, and potentially jail depending on the situation.

Drug DUI’s can be fought and Marijuana DUI convictions can be avoided. You should speak to a Marijuana DUI attorney as soon as possible. I offer initial free consultations and know the ins and outs of marijuana dui defense.  I would be happy to speak with you in more detail about your case to get a more specific assessment. For example, why were you pulled over initially, did you do field sobriety tests, etc.

Also, different attorneys charge different fees. I charge for my work, but do so for a very reasonable fee.  I understand that finances can be tight for some of my clients and do offer a payment plan, and accept debit and credit cards.

Whatever the case, call me and I can address questions that you have.


Phil Hache
DUI Attorney, Marijuana DUI Attorney