Los Angeles Dodger James Loney arrested for suspicion of DUI

On Nov. 14, Los Angeles Dodger James Loney was involved in a three-car accident on the 101 Freeway in Los Angeles, then tried to flee the scene, said L. Tang, spokesman for the California Highway Patrol.
“The three parties involved in the collision, including the driver of a 2008 Mini Cooper, a Toyota Prius and Mercedes-Benz attempted to contact Mr. Loney, but according to their statements, he appeared to be unconscious,” Tang said. “He eventually awoke and he saw all the people standing around him. He then attempted to flee the scene.” In the report, an officer noted that Loney appeared to have “objective symptoms of being intoxicated or being under the influence of something.”
Comments by Attorney Phil Hache: There has been many people questioning of why charges were not immediately filed by the District Attorney or City Attorney’s office on this matter, some speculating because he is rich and a celebrity getting royal treatment. First, it often takes a while for the prosecutor to file charges due to being backlogged with cases. Generally, they have until 1 year from arrest to file charges for misdemeanor cases. Second, It is my understanding that James Loney submitted to a blood test, results of which can take a little while to come back. Third, they may be building a case against him to include DUI for alcohol and potential other drugs, as well as potential hit and run. Even though he was not successful in getting far from the scene, it is possible they will still charge him with hit and run. Whether that charge sticks would be another story.
That being said, it may be possible that he is getting special treatment based on his status as a celebrity, but there are certainly many other factors that can come into play causing a delay in charges being filed.
Phil Hache,
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