Long Beach DUI and Criminal Defense

Long Beach DUI and Criminal Defense

Long Beach DUI and Criminal Defense Attorney

 As an attorney who focuses his practice in DUI and Criminal Defense, I have a lot of experience getting great results for my clients in cases that my not seem very promising at the start.

Criminal Defense

There are many types of criminal charges, and each has it’s own nuances of how to defend against a conviction.  There are also many factors that are important to consider for all criminal defense cases.  For example, can any witnesses credibility (including the arresting officer) be challenged?  Was there probable cause to stop you in the first place?  Was a lawful arrest made?  Is it possible to keep potential damaging evidence out of the record, including tangible evidence and statements?   I am experienced in defending criminal charges, and have regularly attained favorable results and dismissal of charges based on the work I do in defending cases.

DUI Defense

Many clients that are referred to me by their friends or family ask me one simple question.  “How can you beat a DUI charge when I blew over a .08?”  Many people think that if there is a blood alcohol content result at a .08 level or over, that it’s an open and shut case.  That is certainly not the case.

 Like all other machines, breath and blood test machines do not always work properly.  Further, there are biological factors that can effect the reliability of breath devices.  Factors that can contaminate breath and blood test results.  Health conditions that can play a part.  Etc.

I have been trained in forensic toxicology, and know the ins and outs of DUI defense, ranging from challening the initial stop, the field sobriety tests, breath and blood tests, and knowledge of favorable case law that can help get charges dismissed.  I have been successful in getting DUI charges dismissed in cases where the BAC level was 2-3 times higher than the legal limit.  Although every case is different, I do the work necessary to expose weaknessess and issues with the prosecutors case when they are there.

Personal, Aggressive, and Experienced Representation

As a Long Beach DUI and Criminal Defense Attorney, I take pride in the work I do.  I have been successful in getting charges dismissed and mitigating consequences to the relief and gratitude of my clients.  If you decide to retain me defend your case after speaking with me in detail about your situation, you can rest assured that I am doing what I can to help you.

I will be the one who calls you to give you statuts updates on your case.  If and when you have question about your case, you would speak to me directly.  I am and continue to be accessible to my clients to answer questions they have.  This includes after hours and weekends.

Call me at (818) 336-1384 for a free consultation to discuss your case in more detail.

Long Beach DUI Attorney and Criminal Defense

Handling DUI, Criminal and traffic matters in Long Beach Court (technically called Governor George Deukmejian Courthouse) and throughout Los Angeles and surrounding counties