I have two previous DUI's and recently got a thrid DUI. Can I go to jail

Question: I have two previous DUI’s. First DUI in Van Nuys, CA on 12/20/2001 and 2nd DUI in Burbank 3/27/2002. I recently got a thrid DUI in Torrance, CA on 5/20/12. Can I go to jail? Also, I never finished my DUI alcohol programs for the first 2 DUI convictions.
Answer: This should be treated as a first offense as the other 2 DUI’s are over 10 years ago. Although, it sounds like there may be some probation violation issues from the first two cases if you never finished the DUI classes (as they were likely a term of your probation). Speak to a DUi attorney in your area. I handle DUI’s in all the courts you mentioned and would be happy to speak to you about this case in more detail.
Phil Hache
DUI & Criminal Defense Lawyer