First DUI in CA do i get my liscense back after suspension

Question: I got a dui in Los Angeles, CA. My blood was a .10 my liscense was suspended for 4 months the suspension which has already passed. I never replied for a restricted license. My DUI criminal case is still going on. Can I go to dmv and get my license back with proof of insurance and completion. ive heard so many different things my lawyer says no just restricted but I’ve heard other things.
Answer: If you served the 4 months license suspension based on APS hearing loss (or failure to request hearing), then you can get your license back. Note that if you are convicted of a DUI (VC 23152), technically there is a 6 month suspension that the DMV will impose based on a 1st DUI. Your lawyer should be able to assure that you get credit for the 4 months served towards the 6 months in your situation, but technically there will be an additional 2 months suspension to serve. I say technically because it may be possible that DMV does not re-suspend your license, but technically, they should.
Phil Hache
DUI & Criminal Defense Lawyer