Expunging a DUI

Question: On 9/10/2010 I plead guilty to 23152(a) VC in Van Nuys, CA. I was put on informal probation, I believe, for 3 years. I’ve stayed out of trouble since that incident. Now my question is, Is it possible to get that DUI expunged of my record? I am in the search for a new job and upon disclosing that conviction I’m not having favor.
Answer: It is possible to have your DUI expunged, but you can not be on probation (or have other pending charges). It is also possible to have your probation terminated early, then have an expungement granted. It sounds like you want to get the expungement to go through sooner as opposed to later. There is also info about expungments on my website (go to: https://www.philhachelaw.com/practice-areas/expungement/ ). Feel free to contact me if you have more questions as I have handle expungements for clients.