Can I expunge a misdemeanor charge in California?

Question: Can I expunge a misdemeanor charge?

Answer: There are some more specific questions I would need to ask you, but generally speaking, you can not expunge a “charge” but in most cases you can dismiss (ie. expunge) a misdemeanor “conviction”. Some questions I would like to know the answers to include:

  1.  What were you convicted for?
  2. What Court were you convicted in?
  3. When was your conviction date?
  4. How long was your probation period for?
  5. Did you have any probation violations on this matter?
  6. Do you have any current or pending criminal charges?

I would be happy to assist you. Call me at (818) 336-1384 if you would like a free consultation to speak about what would be involved and what can be accomplished with an expungement. This can be done very affordably.

In the event you were not actually convicted of anything but you were arrested, it is possible to get the arrest record sealed through the Court.  I can help you with that as well if that is your situation. 

For more information on expungements, go to:  California Criminal Record Clearing

Thanks, Phil Hache, Attorney