DUI in Hollywood but I was a passenger in the car.

Question: Me and a couple of friends went to a bar to watch a game and have some beers. We all left our cars at home since we knew we would be drinking. I left with the girl since I knew her more. She wanted to drop her car off at a near by friends house but on the way there she started getting sick. I told her to pull over somewhere so I can get her some water in a 7-11 parking lot. I went into the store and bought the water and got the bag. When we got there there, there were two cop cars there giving someone else a DUI in Hollywood, CA. As I’m walking out of the store a cop approaches me and tells me that I’m not driving, I tell him no its not my car, he tells me to lock it up, I again tell him that’s not my car. He starts getting loud and asks me if I’m not gonna listen! So I get the keys from the girl and lock the car. I walk away from the cop maybe about 10 yards and start making a phone call, he asks who I was calling, I replied a ride. He tells me to hang up the phone that he already called a taxi for us, 6 min later another cop shows up and arrests me. What should I do?
Answer: Does not sound like anyone (and particularly officers) saw any driving. This could be a beatable case. I would like to hear more about it to further assess. Call me at 818-336-1384. Basically, they need to establish that you were the one driving the car. If there was no driving, then this DUI should be dismissed by a good DUI Attorney.
Phil Hache
DUI & Criminal Defense Lawyer