DUI Charges Completely Dismissed!

My Client was charged with two DUI charges, enhancements for having over a .20 blood alcohol content level. He also had the aggravating factor of being involved in a car accident leading to his arrest.

Happy to report I recently and successfully had DUI charges dismissed for my Veteran (Army) client.  This is a fine man who has done a lot for our Country, in not one of his finest moments.  We worked together; me in filing and arguing motions in order to get diversion granted leading to the DUI charges getting completely dismissed, and him following through with what the Court and I asked him to do as far as treatment. 

He successfully completed the terms of the diversion. As a result the charges completely dismissed and the arrest records sealed!  His employment was affected by the charges, and would have been severely affected had there been a conviction (ie.  likely loss of his government agency job). It was very important to get the charges dismissed.  He has and is doing great since obtaining treatment following his arrest, and grateful with the successful dismissal of the charges. I am as well!

This dismissal of DUI charges took place in Pomona Court, Los Angeles County. I have been successful in getting DUI and other Criminal charges completely dismissed from as far south as Riverside and San Bernardino County, to as far north as Kern County, and all counties in between. I have also educated and lectured (at seminars) other defense attorneys throughout the state of California how how to successfully motion and argue for diversion for military and non-military defendants. I am happy to add another deserving client to the list of successful case results!