DUI Alcohol Program classes

DUI Alcohol Program classes

If convicted of a DUI in Los Angeles County, you will be required to enroll in and complete an alcohol program.  The length of the alcohol program you are required to take can depend on the disposition of your case, and if you have any prior convictions.

On a 1st DUI conviction, you can be required to take a 3 month alcohol program (AB541), 6 month program (AB 768), or a 9 month program (AB 1353).

If convicted of a 2nd DUI or subsequent DUI, you will be required to take a 18 month alcohol program (SB38).

If your DUI is reduced to a lesser offense (ie. a Wet Reckless), you may be required to complete a 12 hour (SB 1176).  It should be noted that a wet reckless or reduced offense is part of a plea agreement, and possibly a longer alcohol program, or potentially no alcohol program, can be a part of the plea agreement.

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