driving on a suspended license and probation violation

Suspended License and Probation violation

Question:  My daughter was recently arrested for driving on a suspended license and probation violation in San Fernando for a previous DUI from Van Nuys Court.   She went to her arraignment, and at the arraignment the Judge pointed out that she had another case.

On the other case, there was the DUI from Van Nuys.  She resolved those case by stating she was guilty.  One of the many terms of her probation was that she was supposed to do community service.  She had not signed up for the community service. At the time of the arraignment, my daughter still had a couple of days left before the community service was due.

After the judge mentioned the above-mentioned case, my daughter told the judge that she was going to sign up for community service after court that day. The Judge did not like that response.

Answer:  It appears you submitted the question before finishing it. Was your daughter remanded into custody on the spot?  From what you wrote, I see that your daughter has a driving on a suspended license and probation violation issue, perhaps two probation violation issues.

First, if your daughter was picked for the new driving on a suspended license charge, she is also looking at separate probation violation for not obeying all laws, one of the terms of her probation for the DUI conviction. This would be the case even if she still had to time to sign up for the community service for the probation.

On the other hand, if she was supposed to complete her community service in a couple days, and had not even signed up for it yet, then it may be impossible for her to timely finish it, creating a separate probation violation issue.  Judges do not like it when someone agrees to do something, or is ordered to do something by the court, and they don’t do it timely.

Whatever the situation, I recommend that you speak to an attorney in more detail about the situation. An attorney may have better luck dealing with the probation violations than your daughter would on her own, and a better shot at mitigating consequences on the new charge.

Then penalty for the driving on a suspended license driving on a suspended license (VC 14601.2) includes mandatory jail time if not mitigated down, without even taking into consideration the probation violation issue.

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