DMV warning letter for negligent driver based on traffic tickets

Question: I received a warning letter from DMV stating that I was at risk to be a negligent driver based on traffic tickets. Got a speeding ticket recently in Van Nuys, CA. Am I going to get my license suspended? Letter stated it was 4pts in 12 months is considered a negligent driver. My last violation date was 8/28/11 and conviction for that was 11/17/11 (that was 2nd pt).
Answer: Would this be your 4th point in a 12 month period? If so, then your license can be suspended for negligent driver. You mentioned your 2nd point, and it appears from what you wrote, this would be your 3rd point, so it is unclear how many points you have. Also, do you have DMV points from over 12 months ago (ie. within the last 18 months). Whatever the case, you should fight the speeding ticket, and a potential negligent driver suspension if you end up acquiring too many points. Feel free to contact me to discuss further.
Phil Hache
DUI & Criminal Defense Lawyer