Need DMV help

Need DMV help based on a suspension of your driver license?

Question: I Need DMV help. I have a DMV hearing for a DUI but need someone to review my evidence?

I have proof the DMV suspended my license with no legal authority. I have proof the DMV violated a court order. It has cost me 2 jobs, 2 evictions & a car repo. It has caused substantial stress on me & my family. I need someone to truly review the evidence. The DMV put a hold on my license for DUI. I do not have a DUI conviction anywhere. I have no criminal record anywhere. The DMV has ignored me and not dealing with the issue in their responses to me. I am a diesel mechanic and need my license for work.

Answer:  Sorry to hear you are going through such a difficult time based on what appears to be DMV error.  Unfortunately, I am not shocked to hear that this is happening as I regularly help clients out in similar situations where the DMV has improperly suspended or revoked their driver license.  Getting the DMV record corrected, and driver license suspension cleared takes way more work and cutting through red tape than should be necessary. 

I have had situations where the DMV has acknowledged the error, but still requires jumping through hoops to clear it up. 

Feel free to call me at 818-336-1384 to discuss your situation further to see if I can help.


Philip Hache, Attorney