David Cassidy charged with 2nd Drunk Driving charge as a felony

David Cassidy arrested for 2nd Drunk Driving in New York (technically, a DWI)

David Cassidy, former teen sensation from the Partridge Family television show and musician, was arrested today, August 21 ,2013, for a DWI (New Yorks version of a DUI).  His first DUI was in Florida in 2010.  In this current 2nd DUI, Cassidy allegedly did not perform well in his field sobriety tests and blew  .10 breath test.   He is being charged with a felony DUI.

It is unclear to me at this time if the .10 breath test was from a Preliminary Alcohol Screening test (a field sobriety test), or if it was at on an evidential breath test machine.  Also, although I know the ins and outs of California DUI’s, I am not sure to the extent that New Yorks DWI laws differ from California’s DUI charge.

In California, if you get a 2nd DUI, it would normally be charged as a misdemeanor unless there was a special circumstance (ie.  accident with injury, 4th or more DUI in 10 years, or a prior felony DUI conviction).

In this matter, Cassidy posted a $2,500 bail and has another court date on Sept. 6th.

As more comes out on this story, I will continue to update with information.