Cost of the 6 month DUI class

Cost for the 6 month DUI class

Question:  DUI-classes over 6-month period cost $200. Is this per class, as I am being told?

My nephew turned 21 this year, but was arrested for a DUI in Van Nuys DUI in Van Nuyswhen he was 20 years old.

He is not a drinker, never had a beer or glass of wine prior to the night he was arrested for drunk driving. After having 1-beer on birthday, he was pulled over for a “California Roll” & cited for DUI.

After he did some tests on the side of the road, he was taken to jail.  He was then given a ticket with a court date and he went like he was supposed to.  He was sentenced for the DUI and he has to perform a lot of community service & attend classes for 6 months.

This is a first offense DUI.  Even though he is 21 now, he does not drink and he never will again.

He started researching the classes and was told the classes are $200 per class.  How often are the classes?  Are the classes once per month for six months or more often than that?

He cannot afford this cost for the classes & neither can we. What other alternatives does he have?

Answer:  Assuming you are referring to the 6 month alcohol program AB-762 class, then  it should not cost $200 per class. Generally speaking, the classes are once per week.  The total fee should be approximately $900 or so.

Who is telling you or him that it is $200 per class?  I would recommend that you or he contact a couple court approved schools to get some quotes.  If convicted of a DUI in Van Nuys, the court requires you to go the court alcohol liason, I believe in room 303 on the 3rd floor of the building.  The girl that works in there can give you a couple names of approved schools in your area, and maybe even make a call on his behalf to get the price.