Convicted for DUI in Santa Clarita CA but want to move to CO

Question: My son wants to relocate (probably to us in Colorado). He was convicted of a DUI in Santa Clarita, CA, sentenced to jail time (which he already did), attend alcohol classes, fulfill community service & attend AA. How does he go about transferring his obligations to Colorado?
Answer: He needs to get a Court order to transfer the alcohol classes…although he will have to start from the beginning again in the new state, repay the fees to the new class, etc. Also, there will be issues with the DMV in CA in order to clear a suspension on his license (as the CA DMV requires completion of a CA alcohol class to reinstate the CA license). There can be an exception to that though if he lives out of state, but requires extra paperwork. Also, probably unlikely that the judge would transfer community service to another state, but may be able to be changed to fine (or jail time). Have your son contact the attorney who handled the case to help with advising potential licensing issues and getting the court order to approve the transfer.
Phil Hache
DUI & Criminal Defense Lawyer