Can I get DUI probation terminated early

Getting DUI Probation terminated early

Question: I was convicted of a DUI in Van Nuys, CA a while back and need to get my DUI probation terminated.  I do not have to check in with a probation or anything like that but I want to get off of probation.  I am trying to get a new job and was told that they may not be able to consider me at this time but if I can get the conviction expunged then I can be considered.
I looked at your website on the expungement and saw that I can not get an expungement while I am on probation. Can I get out of probation earlier? What can I do to have the done?  And if I do it do I have to wait to then get the expungement going or can that be done right away.
Answer: Hello.  Yes, it is possible to petition the court for early termination of probation.  This is something I do for clients that are in your situation, and have other issues such as immigration, visa issues and other reasons of why having probation terminated is helpful to help avoid other collateral consequences.
It is always something that we can try, but there are factors to consider when determing the likelihood that a judge will grant it.  What court is your conviction in?   How long have you been on probation for, and how much time remaining?  Have you complied with all the other court ordered requirements?
The good news is that generally speaking there are no risks of in trying to get probation terminated early.  If you violated probation or picked up another case while on probation and the court has not caught it yet, those would be situations where I would say there could be some issues.
Once probation is terminated then it is possible to move forward with the expungement immediately, and in some situations it could be granted that same day.
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DUI Attorney and Criminal Defense, Phil Hache