Can I get my 1st DUI in Torrance, CA dismissed

Question: Can I get my 1st DUI in Torrance, CA dismissed? I was driving into an intersection while a drunk driver passed a red light and I smashed into him.. No injuries. and The Cop showed up late and stated we were both had been drinking.. and questioned me about the traffic light. I was given a sobriety test and blamed for the accident. The other person was let go.
Answer: It may be possible to get your DUI in Torrance, CA dismissed, but there are many many more questions that need to be addressed and answered. For starters, had you been drinking prior to the accident, and if so, what and how much? (followed by a lot of other questions to assess your case). Call me to discuss the events surrounding your DUI in more detail.
Phil Hache
DUI & Criminal Defense Lawyer