Arrested for DUI in Van Nuys, CA with a .063 and .071 BAC. Am I going to Jail?

Under VC 23152(a), it is possible to charge you and potentially convict you for a DUI even if you are under .08 BAC. The results you posted BAC levels are likely PAS test results. Did you do a Breath or Blood test at the station? Also, prosecutors often try to admit the PAS results as determinative of BAC, and some Judges grant it. It may be possible for an attorney to begin working on the case before the arraignment date to try to persuade the filing clerk to push for dismissing the charges. If you were under 21 at the time of arrest, on probation, or they are alleging a refusal, there could be further issues. I would need to know more about your case to give a better assessment. Call me at 818-336-1384 to discuss in more detail. I am an experienced DUI Attorney in Van Nuys, CA court regularly getting favorable results.

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