4th DUI But Charged as 3rd DUI

Multiple Pending DUI Cases At the Same Time

Question: I have an open 3rd DUI case in Van Nuys, CA. I was just arrested for another DUI in Burbank, CA, but i think it will also be charged as a 3rd DUI because the first DUI in Simi Valley was over 10 years ago from the most recent Burbank DUI. I have a suspended license and the cop pulled me over based on him recognizing me. He cited me for driving without a valid license then breath tested me. Should I retain a new DUI lawyer for this last dui that is in the county I was arrested in or use the same one. Im very scared.

Answer: First, there is an interesting issue of being pulled over for being recognized by the officer. That should be looked into further by your DUI attorney for a potential suppression issue. Sounds like there are a lot of potential issues here with potential probation violation and driving on suspended license on top of the DUI. If your current DUI attorney handles cases in the county of the recent DUI, and you feel he/she is doing a good job on your current case, then you should consider using them on the new case. Depending on some variables, it could be helpful (or potentially detrimental) depending on plea bargain techniques. Regardless, you should discuss the new DUI case with your current DUI attorney. I would be happy to discuss your current DUI case with you.

Phil Hache
DUI& Criminal Defense Attorney