4th DUI and child endangerment

Question: My sister is looking at her 4th DUI in the state of Nevada in 7 years. How long is she looking at?
Answer: You (or even better she) should consult with a DUI attorney in Nevada in the area of her arrest. It is a safe bet to say that if convicted of a 4th DUI felony and child endangerment, she is looking at some serious time in custody. Perhaps Nevada has some kind of DUI specific court that offers treatment alternatives. Some counties in CA offer that, but they are very strict and some find it difficult to comply with. A Nevada attorney will be able to speak to you or her more about the potential consequences and alternatives. Whatever the case, hopefully your sister can get some help to overcome any drinking issues she may have. A further review of the case can shed some light on some applicable defenses and negotiating points to mitigate consequences.
Phil Hache
DUI & Criminal Defense Lawyer