3rd dui in 18 years

Question: How long will i lose my license if convicted of 3rd DUI after 16 yrs from second DUI and 18 yrs since first DUI. Does it make a difference that the DUI’s were in different courts? 1st DUI in Van Nuys, 2nd DUI in Burbank, 3rd DUI in San Fernando, CA.
Answer: In CA, DUI’s are priorable for 10 years, so DUI’s over 10 years apart are not used as enhancements for sentencing purposes. Thus this DUI in San Fernando should be treated as a first DUI even though it is technically your 3rd DUI. IF convicted of a 1st DUI, normally the suspension period is 6 months, with eligibility for restricted license after a month. Call me to discuss your case in more detail as it may be possible to avoid a DUI conviction all together,
Phil Hache
DUI& Criminal Defense Attorney