DMV hearing for DUI no PAS results in report

Question: I have a DUI in Burbank, CA and a DMV hearing. I did a blood test but there is no record of the breath test I did before I was arrested. Can they get those breath results in even though I haven’t seen any proof of them from what the DMV sent me.
Answer: I would highly recommend hiring an attorney to handle your DMV case (as well as the criminal matter). Generally the DMV would have to jump through some hoops to try to get PAS results into evidence even if the results were listed in the DMV discovery, so I am not surprised to hear they are moving forward even without the PAS results listed. What was the result of your blood test. It is likely that the DMV will not even try to get your PAS results in if your blood test results were a .08 or higher.
Also, there may be a lot defenses to make in your case that can be assessed once a DUI attorney looks further into the matter. Call me to discuss your DUI further.
Phil Hache
DUI & Criminal Defense Lawyer