2nd DUI in Orange County for prescription drugs

Question: Got 2nd DUI in 4/2012 for Rx drugs, 1st alcohol 3/2007. Went to court yesterday plead not guilty, the PD I was approved for got the DA to not book me (i have not gone to jail for this yet) under a conditional release that I attend 3 aa a week until pretrail 9.7… I feel that I can have a good ruling with the right representation.. Can anyone suggest expert DUI attorneys in the OC CA area that will give a free evaluation and also accept payment plans, as I am a single mother who works full time, and can’t afford to go to jail, lose my job and my child!
Answer: There are a lot more details I would need to know about your case, but Prescription drug cases can be defended well by experienced DUI attorneys. You are on the right track of at least consulting with one or two DUI attorneys on your case. I would be happy to speak to you about your case (over phone or at office, free consultation) and I do offer payment plans as well. I handle DUI cases in Orange County.
Phil Hache
DUI & Criminal Defense Lawyer